Senmove is dedicated to ensuring that students with SEN have access to the highest quality learning opportunities. Through our professional development courses we provide staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver education of the highest standard.  


Russell Walker
Russell Walker

Senmove’s founding director is Russell Walker (B.Ed Hons/PG Dip) who has spent many years teaching in PMLD, SLD, ASD and MSI special schools. Through this work he observed that the lessons that really worked and got the best from the students were those which were more dynamic and cross curricular in nature, especially those which involved PE & Movement and the Outdoors. It is this day to day teaching in special needs schools and his role as Head of PE at Linden Lodge school that have allowed him to develop Senmove and its range of courses and residential trips. 

Russell continues to teach and volunteer in special schools in order to keep up to date in all aspects of curriculum development and special school life. 

Russell holds a B.Ed Hons degree in Outdoor & Science Education. He was the Educational Visits Coordinator for two schools and continues to lead outdoor trips. 



In recognition of our high standards we are delighted to be working in partnership with the following bodies: the Professional Development Board for AfPE have recognised us as an ‘Approved Provider’; our Senmove Trampoline Practitioner course is offered with accreditation from OCN; and our Senmove Practitioner course leads to the Active IQ Certificate in Teaching Physical Activities to Children.

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We offer: 

Professional Development Courses : 

  • Senmove Trampoline – Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner, Refresher and How to Implement ST.
  • Senmove PE & Movement –  for Support Staff, Foundation, Foundation Advance, Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner.
  • Senmove Outdoors – Practitioner and How to Implement SO.

Direct  Teaching: 

  • Senmove Outdoors – we will organise bespoke day or residential trips for your school/organisation.
  • A Senmove tutor will teach any PE and Movement activities at your venue.

Senmove Ltd has public liability insurance .