Senmove Trampoline in India


Back in the UK after delivering a Senmove Trampoline course at a school in Bangalore, India.

What a great school! So many great aspects to the school which the special schools in the UK could learn from.

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What is Crazy Cricket?

This is a simplified cricket game that makes it possible for all students, regardless of their ability, to particiapte.

The batting student hits or pushes the ball off of a stand and make a ‘run’ for their stumps to press a loud buzzer. One of the fielding team collect the ball and ‘run’ to their seperate stumps to try and get the batsman out, where they ring their horn. The referee asks: “What did you hear first, the buzzer or the horn?”

These audible cues add a fun and meaningful dimension to the game. This, plus the simplified format allows the students to be as independent as possible.

Progress is measured in terms of how much support they need to participate over a period of time.

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Senmove Outdoors Featured in SEN Magazine

SEN Front Cover

SEN Magazine

We have recently been featured in SEN Magazine.

Please click on the image to read about our Senmove Outdoors Residential Trip to the New Forest that we organised for Linden Lodge School.

Senmove Trampoline Features in National Magazine


Senmove featured in SEN magazine.

SEN Magazine cover

Article on Senmove Trampoline

Senmove Trampoline: The Perfect Lesson for Students with Special Needs.

Issue 37                     Nov/Dec 2008.


Senmove Newsletter – 1st November 2010

Senmove Newsletter – 5th July 2010

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Why Choose Senmove Professional Development Courses?


1) Our high quality courses have been designed and are delivered by an experienced special needs teacher.

2) Senmove has been recognised as an ‘Approved Provider’ by AfPE.

3) Senmove courses focus on how to use the activities as part of your school’s curriculum.

4) Our courses provide you with lessons that work with a wide range of ability levels, including the more complex and challenging students.

5) Our courses are great fun, motivating and will enthuse you to deliver excellent lessons back at school.



Why choose a Senmove residential trip?


1) Trips are organised and delivered by an experienced special needs teacher.

2) Trips can be organised near to your school/organisation – less time travelling.

3) Trips are ‘field-trip’ in style i.e. an addition to your schools curriculum.

4) We use a fold-away hoist that enables participation and access for your wheelchair users. Allowing your students to learn in a variety of new environments that they were otherwise excluded from.