Learning Outside the Classroom for Students with SEN.

Read about - Senmove Outdoors - New Forest Trip

Read about - Senmove Outdoors - New Forest Trip

The outdoors provide a stimulating learning environment that compliments class-based learning. Learning outdoors predominantly uses a kinaesthetic and tactile learning style making it a perfect approach for students with SEN.

Our field-studies approach has been developed by Russell Walker (B.Ed Hons Outdoor & Science Education) and focuses on cross curricular activities to develop a student’s skills, including: personal learning thinking skills (PLTS); communication; perception, cognition, movement and functional life skills.

For example, for a Forest Study Day, we ride three-wheeler bikes around the forest stopping to observe and collect samples. We then complete further analysis ‘back in the lab’. All of which is appropriate to the student’s ability levels.

Senmove Outdoors (SO) – Trips

We organise and lead bespoke day and residential trips anywhere in the UK. Senmove research a suitable location and venue appropriate to your group; plan, arrange, lead and teach your trip; prepare all paperwork, including -risk assessment, approval forms, consent forms; and prepare ‘to do’ lists click here for full details.

To read about our recent Senmove Outdoors trip to the New Forest with Linden Lodge School – click here.

Senmove Outdoors  – Professional Development Courses

Senmove works with schools, leisure and other educational providers to implement the SO Day, where students regularly learn outdoors. We will teach you how and what to teach in the outdoors and how to implement the SO day – full details.

Why choose Senmove professional development courses? – click here.