Designed to meet the needs of staff working with students with SEN, this range of PE & Movement professional development courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to deliver a full program of inclusive, high quality PE & Movement activities.

Course candidates will study the Senmove Rationale – What are the benefits of PE & Movement for students with SEN? What do successful lessons look like? What is progress, and how do we measure it?

Candidates will also learn how to support, plan, teach, assess and evaluate student learning for each of the following modules: Senmove Innovative PE; Senmove Aquatics; Senmove Movement; and Senmove Outdoors.

Canoeing - River Beaulieu. Hants
Canoeing – River Beaulieu. Hants
For each module, candidates will learn how to provide lessons for the following key ability groups: PMLD & lower ability SLD; middle ability SLD; higher ability SLD; and challenging ASD. Candidates will also learn how to further adapt lessons to offer a more sensory approach, for those more complex and challenging students.
We are delighted to announce that the Senmove PE & Movement – Practitioner course is accredited by Active IQ. Successful candidates will be awarded the Active IQ Certificate in Teaching Physical Activities to Children.
We offer:
Consultancy – assisting you with developing your school’s PE & Movement curriculum.

Conference and Lectures – We welcome invitations to lecture on our PE & Movement, skills based curriculum.

Senmove PE & Movement  Professional Development Courses –

– Open Courses  – for individuals and small groups, at various locations around the UK.

– At your venue, exclusively for your staff.

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