Delivering Outstanding Movement Based Activities

This course consists of practical coaching sessions, thought provoking lectures and creative workshops that will inspire you to deliver the highest quality movement based activities for your students with SEN.

“Not only has this course given me new ideas to use with my students but also new skills to help create outstanding lessons”. Brandon Mullin, Head of PE, Beacon Hill School, Essex.

After five days training successful candidates will qualify as Senmove Practitioners enabling you to plan, teach, assess and evaluate student learning across the whole Senmove Curriculum. Candidates will attain Senmove level two in Senmove Trampoline, Senmove PE, Senmove Outdoors and Senmove Aquatics.

You will also study the Senmove Rationale. this is the theory behind what we are trying to achieve through movement based activities, what successful lessons look like (QQS), what the benefits are, how to measure progress, assess and celebrate student learning.

“This course delivers exactly what it says it will and is the best course I have been on for years. It is totally relevant to the PE practitioner on the ground in special education”. Darren White, Head of PE at Breakspeare School, Hertfordshire.

Assessment is by: tutor observations; completion of a portfolio; plan, deliver and evaluate  a lesson with students from a local special school during the course;  plan, deliver, evaluate  and video record two lessons at your workplace after the course.

This course is for those who lead or coach groups of special needs students, including teachers, support staff, SSCOs, PDMs, therapists, sports development staff and disability coaches.

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Senmove  Practitioner courses are being at the following venues across the UK:

St Mary’s University, Twickenham

Salford University, Manchester

The Louisa Centre, County Durham

Warwick University, Warwick