A Trampoline Based PE and Movement Activity for Students with SEN.

Senmove Trampoline (ST) is suitable for PMLD, SLD, ASD and MSI students ranging from National Curriculum level P1 through to National Curricular level 2. Activities range from hoisting someone from their wheelchair onto the trampoline and bouncing them whilst lying down, through supported sitting, supported standing, independent standing and demonstrating shapes to an independent seat drop.

Enjoying Senmove Trampoline

Enjoying Senmove Trampoline

ST is a great addition to your special school’s curriculum due to its challenging, cross-curricular nature.  Your students will not only be improving their physical skills but will simultaneously be working on the following  key areas: personal learning thinking skills (PLTS); communication; perception; cognition.

“A high quality special needs PE curriculum must include ST as it is the most inclusive activity for all ability levels” Roger Leagate, Principal, Linden Lodge School, Wandsworth.

Through moving and exercising on the trampoline, your students may naturally experience the following benefits: improved cardio-vascular fitness; improved strength of core and limbs (bone density); improved muscle tone; increased use of two extra senses (vestibular and proprioception); and increased self esteem.

ST is a fun activity that is best delivered as a class group activity, during PE lessons or as an out-of-hours session.

The Russell Walker Model:

Russell’s experience as a classroom teacher in special schools and as Head of PE at Linden Lodge School has allowed him to develop this unique approach to using the trampoline with students with SEN.

Russell has further developed the ‘Walker Assessment & Celebration Framework’. This P-levelled developmental assessment enables you to plan, assess, measure progress and celebrate your students’ success in Senmove Trampoline lessons. Please get in contact if you would like to buy the Framework.

We are proud to offer OCN Accreditation with our Senmove Trampoline Practitioner course.

Why choose Senmove professional development courses? – click here.

We offer ST professional development courses:

– At your venue, exclusively for your staff.

– Open courses – for individuals and small groups, at various locations around the UK.